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Copyright 2010

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Cochren Home

In the early 1990's Velma Dora Cochren Priest Terry described her home as a child in Plevna, Reno, Kansas ca 1920.  Her parents were George Daniel Cochren and Annie B. Brown Cochren.  Her siblings were Elva  Ethel Cochren Merry and George Valjean Cochren.  It was white with green trim on the windows and door.  There were roses in the yard and around the front door.  Just beyond the back yard the railroad tracks ran past.  In the yard was the grave of one of the children who died at birth or was stillborn.  It was small but "tidy": a small parlor, two bedrooms, and a kitchen/eating area. Laundry was done outside - winter and summer. An outhouse was at the back of the yard. A small back porch also had a trellis with some type of green vine.  A curtain separated the living space from the bedroom and the children would entertain their mother with plays and musicals. The sketch was created based on memories shared of this residence by Marilyn A. Hudson.
Time often softens memories and distorts facts; anyone with knowledge of where this house is located or where it was located if torn down, please leave a comment or email Place Plevna in the subject line.

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