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Friday, April 30, 2010


Mary Ferrand Cochren, wife of Charles Edward Cochren, shown in front of a temporary home the family had in Sylvia, Kansas in Nov. of 1912. The similarity to the drawing of the home in Plevna by Velma Dora Cochren shows the widespread use of these small homes. Velma described her house as being only three rooms and it may be supposed this was of a similar plan.
The style is very similar to the 18th century style known as "Hall and Parlor." It was easy to construct and was favored as starter homes and as vacation or hunting cabins. as the family grew additions, porches, and enhancements would have been made.
The house in the distance is of the classic one-story pyramidal design with partial front porch.

Cochren House, Plevna, 1916-1935

As remembered by Velma Dora Cochren, daughter of George Daniel Cochren and Annie Brown Cochren. She noted there was a well outside the back, roses, and the trim was painted a dark green on the screens and doors. The railroad track was nearby as well, and this is not clearly shown in this image.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Plevna, Ks - Train as seen from the Cochren Yard

From the yard of George and Annie Cochren the train passes by on its way someplace else. Velma Cochren Terry remembered how the engine would give four long hoots of the horn as it prepared to cross the road and she as a little girl always thought the engineer was saying hello.

Plevna, Kansas Another View

Plevna, Kansas - Church

Friday, April 2, 2010

Plevna History

A couple of miles north of the North Fork of the Ninnescah River sits Plevna in Reno County. Highway US 50 runs on the North edge of Plevna; an older road from Abbyville to Sylvia also runs through Plevna.

As you come into Plevna from the east, the highway has to bend around the old brick auditorium that now houses the city offices. There is playground equipment on the east side of this building.

The Santa Fe railroad still serves Plevna, and the State Bank of Plevna is still in business. For many years the Plevna General Store was a well-known gathering place and local landmark; sadly, it burned January 3, 1997.

Brown Children

George Daniel Cochren, Annie B. Cochren, Elva and Velma Cochren

Wheat harvest, ca 1918

Annie Brown Cochren, Valjean Cochren and pet cat, Tom

George Valjean Cochren

Brown Children and Spouse

Ruhama Issadora Fenton Brown

Burgess Franklin Brown Family

George Daniel Cochren and Annie B. Brown

Plevna, Kansas - Elevators



Through the 1920's and until the first few years of the 1930's George Daniel Cochren served as custodian for the Plevna school.

PLEVNA SCHOOL: Professor Stanley Tennet

Either principal or superintendent, Professor Stanley Tennet ran a tight ship by all accounts. It is believed that the first girl in this line is Elva E. Cochren and the third girl is her sister, Velma Dora Cochren.



Plevna, Kansas

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Plevna, Ks

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