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Copyright 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Brown Grave, Sylvia Cemetery

Shown in the center is the large stone for the Burgess Franklin Brown family and in the foreground, the stones for the Fentons. To the left of the Brown stone are Roy D. Terry resting on the grass with two grandchildren, Dede and Tami.

Sylvia Cemetery

Velma Cochren Terry beside the stones of her great-grandmother and grandfather Fenton, parents of her her grandmother, Ruhamah Isadora Fenton Brown. Aug, 22, 1977.

Civil War Veteran of Reno Co., Ks.

Here Velma Cochren Priest is shown between the grave stones of her grandfather Newton Jasper Cochren. He was wounded in the Civil War at the Battle of Chickamauga. His wife was Lucinda Drake Cochren. Photo taken August 22, 1977.

Plevna School Revisited

The school where George D. Cochren was the janitor and where Velma, Elva and Valjean Cochren attended school.

Plevna Bank

Photo taken August 23, 1977. Velma Cochren Terry said it 'looked just the same'.

Grocery Store

Plevna, Ks 1977. Woman is Velma Dora Cochren Terry.

Pleasant View Cemetery, Huntsville, Reno, Ks.

Shown are (left to right): Dennis Terry, Tami Terry, and Velma Cochren Terry at the grave of George D. Cochren, Velma's father. Taken August 23, 1977.


In 1977 Velma Dora Cochren Terry, along with son Dennis and his family, traveled back to Plevna so Velma could show off her hometown. Here is a shot from the west side showing the store where as a girl Velma was sent on errands. This was the view she saw everytime she walked to get groceries for her mother.